I am considering pursuing my career elsewhere (LVE)

Moving to a new employer can be complicated. And the step from a salaried position to self-employment is an even bigger transition. What are the financial implications? Will you have enough money for now, the near future and the long term? A Financial Insight Session gives you a clear picture of your financial situation. You can then make the right decisions and manage your finances sensibly in hectic times. Even more important now that you are thinking about leaving NN Group and finding other work.

This session gives you insight into:

  • your overall financial situation (including your partner’s information);
  • your terms of employment and private finances (salary, pension, mortgage/rent, annuity, insurance);
  • how much money you can spend (for living expenses);
  • the current situation and your situation when you retire, or if you become ill, unemployed or pass away;
  • the financial impact of scenarios specified by you based on your intended career progression after voluntarily leaving the company.

Individual interviews

Interviews can be conducted in Dutch or English, either online or physically at Ecclesia’s Rotterdam office. You choose the option that suits you best.

Yes, I’d like an analysis of my financial situation