I have been ill for some time and may become incapacitated for work

Long-term illness or incapacity for work: it can happen to anyone. You may then find yourself dependent on benefits and have to cope with significant financial changes. Either way, our ‘Financially Fit and Vital’ service helps you understand your situation and its financial implications. A Financial Insight Session gives you a clear picture of your financial situation and you can then make the right decisions and address all your financial concerns. Especially important now that you have a long-term illness and may become incapacitated for work.

This session gives you insight into:

  • your overall financial situation (including your partner’s information);
  • your terms of employment and private finances (salary, pension, mortgage/rent, annuity, insurance);
  • how much money you can spend (for living expenses);
  • your current situation and your situation when you retire, or if you become ill, unemployed or pass away;
  • the financial implications of receiving benefit under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA) and the possible use of any residual earning capacity.

Individual interviews

Interviews can be conducted in Dutch or English, either online or physically at Ecclesia’s Rotterdam office. You choose the option that suits you best.

Yes, I’d like an analysis of my financial situation