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When it comes to work, a great deal is expected of you these days: being flexible, life-long learning, and being open to changes that can sometimes be difficult. Consciously making the right choices starts with insight into the consequences of changes in your working life. For your career, your position and your finances. Insight, oversight and prospects: that’s what it’s all about.

Take control, with Financially Fit and Vital

Financially Fit and Vital is a package of services to help you create financial insight and financial peace of mind. But actually, Financially Fit and Vital is primarily about realising your plans, goals and dreams. For in our view, money is never an end in itself, but a means to living life the way you want to, both now and later. Financially Fit and Vital consists of:

  • Financial Insight Meeting (90 minutes)
  • a year’s licence for a Personal Annual Report
  • Report with tips and points for attention for optimising your financial affairs

The Financial Insight Meeting is the first step towards gaining more control over your money, your life and your plans. We help you with setting targets and making the way to achieve them (financially) transparent.

The Personal Annual Report is your financial dashboard, with which you create insight, oversight and prospects for yourself. Your advisor will be happy to help you to design your Personal Annual Report.

The report that you receive at the end gives you a summary of the Financial Insight Meeting and tips and actions for becoming financially fit and strong.

Personal and professional growth

The smart combination of an online dashboard with personalised advice makes Financially Fit & Strong a particularly powerful tool for professional and personal growth. It challenges you to think in terms of possibilities and opportunities instead of restrictions and obstacles.


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Going through life Financially Fit and Vital gives you oversight, insight and prospects. You know where you stand and which actions you can take to ensure that you achieve your goals. 

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